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Jiaxing Kindo Textile Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of knitted fabrics. Equipped with 76 sets of imported high- speed single-face large round knitting machines, 32 double- sided machines and 20 sets of Spandex cloth scutchers, we are mainly engaged in the production and development of various types of Cotton, silk, polyester, Spandex and blended raw materials of Single-face, double-sided and looped products: the diameters include 30 ",34",38 "; the stitches include 32G, 28G, 24G, 20G, 18G,16G and 12G(can be interchangeable); the annual output is more than 6,000 tons.

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Jindu always adheres to the business philosophy of "abiding by integrity and pursuing quality",
and adheres to the enterprise tenet of "taking customers as the center and striving people as the base".


Broad Industry Prospects

  • We set production and processing in one, more than 20 years of knitting fabric experience.
  • It saves the middleman link, more affordable price, and provides free technical guidance and training.
  • The powerful production plant, with many years of industry experience, provides you with three guarantees, and always puts your interests first. The competition in price and speed has been going on fiercely.


Excellent And Stable Product Quality

  • The products have been inspected by many processes, and 100% high quality raw materials have been sold.
  • Modern laboratory and equipment, in strict accordance with international quality management standards.
  • Specializing in the production and development of all kinds of cotton, silk, chemical fiber, spandex and blended raw materials and other single-sided, double-sided, Terry and other products.


Continuous And Reliable Product Supply

  • The production capacity of the company is very sufficient, and the long-term cooperation in raw material price, quality and domestic and foreign transportation lays the foundation for continuous production;
  • The company's complete system, reasonable distribution of the sales and warehousing network and efficient operation mechanism, to ensure the customer's demand for orders.


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